Kids and Violins.

Awwwww, cute. Is it just me, or are little kids with violins so much cuter than little kids without?

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Mobsters and their Violins.

Mobsters and violins, can you say cliche? Police try to find the violin and come out with loaded guns and recorded criminal converstions. Score! :p

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A prison chaplain has been charged in an alleged scheme to help imprisoned Chicago mobster Frank Calabrese, who is serving a life sentence for 13 murders, recover a valuable violin reportedly hi…

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High Tech Musical Performances

Technology allowing for better syncronisation between musicians playing together at different locations.

High-tech musical duet gets cheers at Philly event

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Automatic Conductor.

On the one hand, you wouldn’t have to pay the conductor. On the other, it’ll make following direction a bit more difficult…

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Musical Accessories – Prettify Your Practice Space

So, this post is one for the girly girls. A celebration of all things pink and sparkly and shamelessly prettified! We accessorise our clothing, bags and jewellery, our phones, our desktop wallpapers and everything else we can think of. Surrounding ourselves with things that are pretty is one of the undeniable benefits of being a girl!

To me, the next logical step in my quest for prettifying my life, was outfitting my music space. I’m lucky enough to have a room dedicated to music, but even if you only have enough room to prop up your instrument case between your wardrobe and your desk, you can still find little ways to add some pretty musical flair to your space.

As a bit of a pink fanatic (don’t laugh, I proudly embrace my girlyness) I’ve managed to buy out every pink music accessory I can find. Whether you’re a pink lover or not, you’ll find some great products below that let you express your own fashionable flair when picking out the perfect, and useful accessories. It’s also a great post if you need present ideas for the stringies in your life!


My first violin case was plain black, and while perfectly adequate, I figured if you’re going to have a case concealing your very pretty instrument, why not have that case be a little nicer to look at! Besides considering how much we spend on handbags, and how often we walk around with our instruments, you’d think this would be second nature!

If you click here you’ll find a huge assortment of music cases for every style and every string instrument. From leopard print or floral violin cases to pink patterned cello cases there is something for every style!

Pink Cello Case – $490.00


White Flower Violin Case – $330.00


Next, you do not need to have a plain shoulder rest. The Everest shoulder rest is super affordable, very durable and comes in a huge range of nifty colours.


Everest Shoulder Rest – $29.95



Yes, I do actually have several of the pink musical pencils pictured below. They are kind of my answer to the fluffly pink pen used by Elle in Legally Blonde. Apart from simply being  cool to look at, it’s actually a good idea for musicians to keep a pencil handy. A pencil, not a pen. Now, I know a lot of us try to avoid using pencils and proudly wield our pens after getting our “pen licence” all those years ago in third grade, but if you are making notations on your sheet music you’ll be wanting a pencil not a pen. That way you can you rub out your little hints and tips to yourself before your fellow musicians or teacher can see them, and fix any mistakes you make without scribbling all over your sheet music or desperately trying to dry white out in the few minutes before your lesson. So, if you have to keep a pencil on hand, why not make it interesting to look at!


Musical Pencils – $3.00 each


For the techies, it’s always handy to have USB stick in the vicinity, especially if you’ve stored all your digital sheet music on it. Whilst further expressing your dedication to cramming as much music into your life as possible, these little USB sticks will be easy to spot among all your other ones and there’s not much chance of someone accidentally picking this up instead of their own! They make great, affordable prezzies too.


Treble Clef USB Stick – $19.95


Bass Clef USB Stick – $19.95


A music stand might not seem like a must have accessory when you first start out but if you’re anything like me you’ll soon tire of trying to prop up your sheet music against other various objects. There are many options for music stands, but if you want to add some personal flair to it check out the Manhasset Symphony Stand in every colour under the rainbow. These stands are super easy to tilt, have a good stable base that doesn’t take up heaps of room, and a solid back to avoid loose papers falling through the back.


Manhasset Colour Music Stand – $89.95


If you’re travelling you might also consider some musically inclined postcards. There is huge range here, but below are two of my favs.

Violin and Girl 3 Post Card – $7.95

Cello Post Card – $7.95

There are heaps of other cool products and prezzies at the Animato Strings website, so have a look around and see what you can find.

If you’re just looking for some inspiration on how to decorate your music space, there are heaps of ideas out there! Just doing a simple Google image search will turn up a plethora of inspirational pictures, or you could check out our pinterest page for decorating inspiration, among other things. We’re always adding to it, so keep an eye out.

Do you have a cool personalised music space? Post a picture, we’d love to see it!

Let us know any of your own musical accessorising/decorating ideas or tips.

Remember to check out the Animato Strings facebook page.

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Violin Jedi Master.

Use the force, create the music, this is the way….

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Just because you can!

That’s one way to break out of the mainstream lol! Be interesting to hear how it sounds.

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Violin sculpture

Ooooh, pretty! now, this is the kind of sculpture I’d want around me!

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Violin Fraudster

Selling fraudulant Strad violins — nasty!

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The biggest fraud case in the history of the violin trade starts this Wednesday in Vienna, Austria, and it’s a doozy! Dietmar Machold, a man alternately described as the classical world’s Jay Gatsby or its Bernie Madoff, is accused of swindling buyers out of millions of dollars.

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String Specific Crossword

So, this week I thought why not give the people something a little more fun to do! This is a great way to pass some time between lessons, practice ect. You can copy/paste the picture below and type over the top of it, or print it out with the link at the end of the page. Good luck! 🙂



4. Used to prop a violin/viola, up off the shoulder (2 words)

6. Bow stroke, the notes should be smoothly connected

7. The smallest of the string instrument family

11. The name of the best string specialist store in Brisbane 😉 hint: this blog is run by them

12. Play very softly

14. Carved piece of wood which holds the strings up from the fingerboard

15. The largest of the string instrument family stocked at Animato Strings

17. To gradually become louder

19. G, D, A, E

20. Brand of strings developed by the founder of Animato Strings



1. Used to tighten the bow

2. A slow, leisurely tempo

3. This instrument is played whilst sitting, with it resting on the floor

4. Small piece of wood inside your instrument

5. Is applied to bow hair

8. The curve of your bow

9. Part of the bow in contact with the strings

10. Sometimes mistaken by non-string players for a violin

12. Used to tune

13. A useful basic practice exercise

15. What you hold in your right hand

16. Slowest of the bouncing bow strokes; produces short notes

17. You store your instrument in this

18. Holds up your sheet music

Below is a picture of a very cute giraffe, for the purpose of seperating the answer key from the rest of the post. So, if you want to check your answers, or get a sneak peak at one you can’t figure out (naughty, naughty ;)), check below the giraffe.

Photo courtesy of



Animato Crossword (printable)

So, what do you think of’s first foray into crossword making? Would you like to see some more string specific word puzzles? Did you manage to finish this one? Let us know in the comments box!

Don’t forget to check out the Animato Strings facebook page.



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