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Smashing violins

Lets hope the violin used for this picture was just a cheapie ebay one! Source: Remote Image

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Violince – Humorous Violin series of videos

This is funny sort of mini-series. There are several episodes and I reccomend them. You’ll get some giggles out of it. Source: Youtube

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3 arrested stealing a Stradivarius violin

With all the stories of stolen, lost and broken Stradivarius violins, it makes one wonder if the owners of said instruments shouldn’t just lock themselves in a room, and never leave, only playing behind bullet proof glass. It seems taking … Continue reading

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Sentimental violin accessory

What a nice idea. A way to keep a little of your first (or favourite) violin with you. Source: Remote Image

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Renowned violinist holding workshops in Taiwan

Anyone in the area should check this out. Great opportunity. As Taiwan’s national news agency, the Central News Agency (CNA) provides Taiwan’s latest breaking news and information on politics, cross-Strait relations, economy, science, technology, sports, health, culture, and more. Continue … Continue reading

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Resources for Music Teachers

A music teacher can be a godsend. Founts of knowledge, a good music teacher can make you think the very spirit of Apollo has been implanted into them, without all the Greek tragedy drama…we hope.  Music teachers serve as an … Continue reading

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Fungas violin comparable to a Stradavarius?

I never would have thought of using fungas to make a violin sound better. Quite ingenious, definitely something to keep an eye on. Image source:… From Yahoo! News: A Stradivarius is the best violin a player could ask for … Continue reading

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Violin Seized by Customs

Yet another story of violinists having a hard time with customs. Does anyone else see a re-occuring theme here? Hard to travel hassel free with a violin these days, it seems. Belgian violinist Yuzuko Horigome said her $1.27 million Guarnerius … Continue reading

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Violin Illusions

You know you’re addicted to the violin when you start seeing them everywhere! Source: Remote Image

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Jeremy Eichler – opinions on the classical violin sound

Always good to know that there are people in the world with unique opinions trying to take the violin foward. Got to say, we still love our classical sound all the same, though 🙂 Image source:… At a time … Continue reading

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