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Basic Bow How-To

Choosing a bow can be a baffling process if you’re not armed with a little knowledge before entering a music shop. Below you’ll find a basic ‘how-to’ for the different bow materials and a checklist of a few basic things … Continue reading

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How to Choose your First String Instrument

The first time you set foot in a string instrument shop with the intention of making a purchase, you may feel slightly overwhelmed. Excited, yes but overwhelmed non-the-less. The world of violins, violas, cellos and basses is incredibly specialized and … Continue reading

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Making The Most Of What’s Avaliable – Free Resources

Let’s face it, most musicians are not going to be hitting the Forbes Billionaires List anytime soon. Unless you’re one of the rare exceptions, a trust fund baby, or happen to have a very lucrative “day job”, finding the cash … Continue reading

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Beautiful Bow Holds for All!!

A beautiful bow hold is easily one of the hardest string-player skills to master. Thanks to Things4Strings and String Vision, you can consider those endless hours spent perfecting your right hand averted! Animato Strings HQ now stocks a number of … Continue reading

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Give Your Fingers A Break

So, you’ve been playing the violin for a while now and despite many hours of practice you’ve noticed that your fingers tire so much more quickly than your stringy friends’? Does it feel like you have to force the strings … Continue reading

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