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Kids and Violins.

Awwwww, cute. Is it just me, or are little kids with violins so much cuter than little kids without? Source: Remote Image

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Mobsters and their Violins.

Mobsters and violins, can you say cliche? Police try to find the violin and come out with loaded guns and recorded criminal converstions. Score! :p Image source:… A prison chaplain has been charged in an alleged scheme to help … Continue reading

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High Tech Musical Performances

Technology allowing for better syncronisation between musicians playing together at different locations. High-tech musical duet gets cheers at Philly event Continue Reading Source: Rss

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Automatic Conductor.

On the one hand, you wouldn’t have to pay the conductor. On the other, it’ll make following direction a bit more difficult… Source: Remote Image

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Musical Accessories – Prettify Your Practice Space

So, this post is one for the girly girls. A celebration of all things pink and sparkly and shamelessly prettified! We accessorise our clothing, bags and jewellery, our phones, our desktop wallpapers and everything else we can think of. Surrounding … Continue reading

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