Give Your Fingers A Break

So, you’ve been playing the violin for a while now and despite many hours of practice you’ve noticed that your fingers tire so much more quickly than your stringy friends’? Does it feel like you have to force the strings against the fingerboard? Do the strings just look absurdly high? If this sounds like you, the problem may lie in the setup of your instrument, especially if it wasn’t professionally set up when you purchased it.

So what could the problem be?

  • Incorrectly sized or placed bridge. A problem often plaguing ‘ebay’ instruments, or instruments that weren’t professionally setup. These problem bridges can cause the strings to be too high from the fingerboard, therefore requiring more effort to make proper contact with the fingerboard. Not only will this tire your fingers more quickly, but it could be slowing you down.
  • Incorrectly fitted nut. Such a tiny piece of wood, and yet it can cause such a problem if not properly adjusted. An ideally set up nut (see below for a picture of a nut) will hold the strings at not only the right height (a space about the thickness of the corresponding string), but also the right width apart. Additionally, the nut grooves need to be the right width as not to create a buzzing sound caused by the string moving within a too wide groove).
  • Remember to check your technique, to make sure you aren’t contributing to the problem with improper grip or hitting the strings with an overzealous amount of force. Firm contact between the string and fingerboard is important, but you don’t need to go nuts about it!

In this picture you can see that the groove for the E string is too deep. Violin nut picture courtesy of Wikipedia.


If you’ve checked your technique and the problem isn’t coming from you, it’s time to head to the luthier.  Here at Animato Strings we have the perfect experts to fix your instrument, so you can stop fighting against your violin and enjoy it instead. Come see Dietrich and he can tell you in minutes if you have a problem setup. A professionally setup instrument can make all the difference to your comfort and enjoyment of playing. It is a vital component to not only ease of use, but beauty of sound.

If you have purchased an instrument elsewhere and its setup is so bad that it would cost more to fix than it’s worth (as some unfortunate, inferior, internet bought examples have shown), Animato Strings have a great range of violins for every level of proficiency. You can buy these high quality instruments in store, or even online, starting at just $237.00 for the Arco Violin Outfit (pssst, it comes fully set up and fitted with the perfect bridge, right here at Animato). What a bargain!

The Arco Violin Outfit -$237.00


See the amazing range of violins here, or if in need of a luthier, head on down to the store at Unit 9, 62 Bishop St, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane, QLD.


Make things easier on your poor little fingers,                             so you can start smiling like this when you play! —>




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