Beautiful Bow Holds for All!!

A beautiful bow hold is easily one of the hardest string-player skills to master. Thanks to Things4Strings and String Vision, you can consider those endless hours spent perfecting your right hand averted! Animato Strings HQ now stocks a number of different solutions to solve your bottomless, bow-hold blunders.

Introducing Things 4 Strings Bow Hold Buddies.

These cute little critters will have you feeling in control of your bow-hold in no time. The Frog Frog and Hold Fish (starting at $21.95) set the thumb, index finger and pinky of young violinists/violists bow hold in a comfy and flexible playing position while the CelloPhant ($32.95) establishes a lovely, curved thumb and rounded, relaxed fingers for young cellists.

The beauty of these little guys is that they compliment almost all previously taught bow hold imagery and games (think ‘windscreen wipers’, ‘munching rabbit’ etc) while consolidating positive muscle memory during playing time. The CelloPhant is particularly good for beginner cellists tone, requiring that little bit of weight on the bow whilst avoiding squeezing or strangling the bow.

For older students and performers that need that need a little bit of cushion sans the bright colourful animal attachment, check out the String Vision Rubber Bow Grip:

 At only $12, this nifty bow grip encourages a strong curved thumb that is soft, light and subtle.


Tell us stringies:

Do you, or your students, have right-hand issues?

Do you have any crafty solutions?

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