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A music teacher can be a godsend. Founts of knowledge, a good music teacher can make you think the very spirit of Apollo has been implanted into them, without all the Greek tragedy drama…we hope.  Music teachers serve as an imperative part of culture, inspiring and distributing the knowledge of music to generation after generation.

However, sometimes you just run out of ideas, and getting your student to simply play some sheet music often doesn’t cut it. Especially if you are a new teacher, finding your way can be overwhelming. So, compiled below are some online resources for music teachers, to help lighten your load a little, inspire your own lesson plans and help you to spread the love of music.


  • – This site is just a quick and simple way to get blank printable staff paper.
  • – This can be a handy tool for keeping track of your students practice times. It’s totally free, and once your student has registered the can log in how much time they spend on any given day practicing their instrument. This site also allows them to compare how often they practice to other students in the area and email their practice records to their teacher. This helps you to avoid having to deal with being handed mass amounts of messily scribbled paper records. If you required a parent to sign off on the record then the student can simply print it off and have their parent sign.
  • – I think is super handy for picking out exercises and skill specific songs, and inspiring your own lesson plans. It’s categorized into several different sections, depending on the topic of study, and the exercises are created for violin, viola, cello, and bass. Highly recommended.
  • – This is a great free online music theory journal published by The Society for Music Theory. The current issue and past issue are all there. It comes out several times a year, and contains a range of essays, articles and reviews.  It’s not string specific, but is still a good free resource for staying up to date on music theory and such. The ore informed you as a teacher are, the better you can pass on that knowledge to your students.
  • – some simple printable scales and flash cards available for violin, viola, cello and bass.
  • – An enormous resource list for music educators. Very thorough, and separated into sections for band teacher, vocal teachers, orchestra teachers, classroom music teachers, and a general music educator section. A handy first stop if you’re looking for a specific resource.
  •–musicteacherresources – Another resource list. Not as thorough as the one above, but still a good one to know.
  •,, http://www.celloonline.com – These sites are a great resource to direct your students to as an assistant to home study. They contain scales, technique building exercises and some history. Especially handy is the interactive fingering charts, for when your students are just starting out.
  • Also, see this post, about other free resources. It can help point you in the direction of some extra avenues to find freebies.

Animato Strings itself can also be a handy place for lesson resources. With a wide selection of sheet music, introductory manuals and theory books, there is a plethora of inspiration and knowledge right in store or online, for great prices.


Do you have any more music teacher resources to share? We’d love to know!

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