String Specific Crossword

So, this week I thought why not give the people something a little more fun to do! This is a great way to pass some time between lessons, practice ect. You can copy/paste the picture below and type over the top of it, or print it out with the link at the end of the page. Good luck! 🙂



4. Used to prop a violin/viola, up off the shoulder (2 words)

6. Bow stroke, the notes should be smoothly connected

7. The smallest of the string instrument family

11. The name of the best string specialist store in Brisbane 😉 hint: this blog is run by them

12. Play very softly

14. Carved piece of wood which holds the strings up from the fingerboard

15. The largest of the string instrument family stocked at Animato Strings

17. To gradually become louder

19. G, D, A, E

20. Brand of strings developed by the founder of Animato Strings



1. Used to tighten the bow

2. A slow, leisurely tempo

3. This instrument is played whilst sitting, with it resting on the floor

4. Small piece of wood inside your instrument

5. Is applied to bow hair

8. The curve of your bow

9. Part of the bow in contact with the strings

10. Sometimes mistaken by non-string players for a violin

12. Used to tune

13. A useful basic practice exercise

15. What you hold in your right hand

16. Slowest of the bouncing bow strokes; produces short notes

17. You store your instrument in this

18. Holds up your sheet music

Below is a picture of a very cute giraffe, for the purpose of seperating the answer key from the rest of the post. So, if you want to check your answers, or get a sneak peak at one you can’t figure out (naughty, naughty ;)), check below the giraffe.

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Animato Crossword (printable)

So, what do you think of’s first foray into crossword making? Would you like to see some more string specific word puzzles? Did you manage to finish this one? Let us know in the comments box!

Don’t forget to check out the Animato Strings facebook page.



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