Maestro Strings: A Maestro Sound at Half the Price!

There’s nothing like a fresh set of strings to kick off a good practice session. And there’s nothing like a dull set of strings to kick off a budget realignment! Have you ever wished for a good quality string, a clear reliable sound with a maintenance cost that wont brake the bank? Perhaps you’ve wished for a time when you can pop down to the local violin shop to pick up some manuscript and a set of your favourite strings without thinking twice about your bank account.

Well, Dietrich Lasa at Animato Strings has developed a new set of strings that performs above and beyond expectation at a price you’ll love. Introducing: Animato Maestro Strings, a string that generates a warm, rich sound that projects – at the low price of $39.95AUS for a violin set! Viola and cello sets are $59.95 and $79.95 respectively.

At roughly half the price of a set of Dominant Strings, you’ll be surprised at the sound Maestro Strings can produce. Check out this video of Maestro Strings founder, Dietrich Lasa, comparing Maestro Strings to the best in the biz:

Dietrich Lasa (founder of MeastroStrings) demonstrating Maestro, Evah Pirazzi, Obligato, Larsen and Dominant Strings. Violin: Guiseppe Marcello $2,999. 


To get your hands on a set of Maestro Strings, pop on over to Animato Strings or visit to place an order online.

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