Long-necked Violinists: Stress no more!

Violinists all over the world are in constant search for the perfect shoulder rest and chin rest set up a.k.a. the ‘holy grail’. Every neck is different, every jaw is different and there is a wide variety of accessories catering for these individual traits. Unfortunately, this variety of goods often excludes the needs of long-necked violinists. If your neck is a little longer than average, you are probably using it to nod in agreement right now.

Well, nod no longer. Here at Animato Strings, we have the solution for you. It’s called the SAS Symphony Chinrest and it was made especially with you in mind. This chinrest comes in 4 different sizes, reaching strataspheric heights, perfect for the neck-endowed. It also has a unique mechanism allowing for adjustment of angle under the chin. Need more height towards the chin? Tip it down lower over the tailpeice. Need more height under the jaw? Tip it up at the tail peice.

“How much is this little slice of heaven?” I hear you ask. It’s just $57.95 available in store at Animato Strings or online here.

If you are after a comfortable, ‘heighty’ shoulder rest to match, you can’t go past the Willy Wolf ($59.95) Check out the video below of Dietrich Lasa, shoulder rest extraordinare, creating the ‘magic posture’ shape with the Wolf.


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